The Dangers of Being a Mother in Myanmar (The Sunday Leader)

Death Stalks Pregnant Women in Eastern Myanmar
The Sunday Leader

Despite nationwide reforms and ceasefire agreements, little has changed on the ground for mothers in conflict-affected communities in eastern Myanmar.

“We have documented that the experience of human rights violations is correlated with negative health outcomes,” said Jen Leigh, former Mae Sot field director for Community Partners International. “Households that have experienced forced displacement have higher odds of infant and child death, child malnutrition and failure to use contraception.”

Women in eastern Myanmar have the worst pregnancy outcomes anywhere in Asia, a continuing public health emergency described in the report, "Separated by Borders, United by Need," co-authored by CPI.

“From the information I gathered attending trainings with midwives or health workers from our partner organizations, it appears like everybody knows somebody who died of pregnancy-related complications,” Leigh said

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