Child Health

Local health workers measuring a child's upper arm circumference: One-third of all children in Myanmar are malnourished.

A capsule of Vitamin A reduces blindness and a child’s chance of death by one-third. Deworming medication just twice a year combats malnutrition and improves a child’s cognitive capacities. Like immunizations, these are simple, effective and low cost interventions that greatly improve family and community health.

Community Partners International facilitates wide-reaching prevention programs for displaced villagers, including training and resources for schoolteachers and local health workers to provide Vitamin A and deworming for 35,000 children 12 and under twice a year, and for health workers to administer essential immunizations against polio, TB, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, mumps and rubella to more than 6,000 children under age 14 annually.

One-third of all children in Myanmar are malnourished and the problem is even more acute among the vulnerable displaced populations in eastern Myanmar. CPI helped local partners design and implement a community-led child nutrition program that has screened thousands of children, and provides family education and intensive treatment for hundreds with moderate and severe malnutrition.

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