CPI Partner Medic Wins Leadership Award

December 15, 2011

Community Partners International is proud to be entrusted by Inge and Tad Sargent to carry on the work of Burma Lifeline. Inge and Tad have retired from the rigors of nonprofit work, but still remain passionate about the cause. 

The Shan Herald,...

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U.N. Launches Relief Aid in Kachin Conflict Zones

December 14, 2011

The Irrawaddy, December 13, 2011
by Ba Kaung

The UN began initial efforts on Tuesday to provide aid for refugees in the armed conflict areas of Kachin State in northern Burma, where sporadic fighting continues despite Burmese President Thein Sein...

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A Sense of Balance: Aung San Suu Kyi on sustaining opportunity in 2012

December 5, 2011

The Economist, November 2011

The world will not end in 2012. “Too bad!”, cynics will retort. For those who are, in varying degrees, more optimistic, 2012 will be a year of balancing acts.

The Arab spring will pass into another summer and whether it will be...

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Reuters AlertNet: Improving maternal and childcare in eastern Burma / Myanmar

November 17, 2011

MAE SOT, 17 October 2011 (Reuters AlertNET and IRIN) - In conflict-afflicted eastern Burma / Myanmar, until recently obstetric care was often crude, unsterile and dangerous for both mother and child, health experts say.

When labour pains began, traditional birth...

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