Community Partners International provides technical support for local partners to research, write and publish evidence-based artlcles and reports that influence best practices and health policy at the international, national and regional levels. In Issues and Ideas, you’ll find CPI program briefs, insider insights, stories from the field and explanations about Myanmar. 

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Featured Publications

"The Long Road to Recovery: Ethnic and Community-Based Health Organizations Leading the Way to Better Health in Eastern Burma" (CPI Partners Report, February 2015) 

Based on the first large-scale health survey conducted since the recent ceasefires and political reform, this report by CPI partners with technical support from CPI, highlights the fragile gains and continuing challenges to achieving sustainable health improvements in eastern Myanmar. Click here to access the report online....Click here for a downloadable pdf.


Innovative Teaching Models for Trauma Training (International Journal of Emergency Medicine, December 2014)

To address the critical void of skilled health workers in eastern Myanmar, CPI developed training curricula, adapting essential procedures and teaching methods for health workers in conflict zones, and developing models that were simple, reproducible, cost effective, and able to facilitate effective learning within the limitations of these challenging environments. This paper, researched and written, by CPI Trauma Program practitioners, presents simulation models developed to teach trauma injury evaluation and management in resource-limited settings. Click here for the full publication.