Your Support At Work

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$40 treats one severely malnourished child in a therapeutic feeding program. In villages in eastern Myanmar, one-third of all children are malnourished.

$75 allows us to conduct a two-week training in data collection and analysis for 5 local health workers. Our partners provide the only accurate health information on Myanmar’s border populations — key to strengthening community health systems  and guiding regional and international public health policy.

$100 purchases 25 family-sized long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets. Myanmar suffers the second largest number of malaria-related deaths in Southeast Asia — even though malaria is preventable and treatable.

$350 trains 5 birth attendants in a five-day course in Myanmar, equipping them with skills and resources to help save mothers’ lives. Severe bleeding after giving birth is the top cause of maternal death worldwide.

$700 supplies polio, tuberculosis, diphtheria and measles vaccinations for 100 children. Our local partners administer essential immunizations each year to 6,000 children displaced by conflict.

$5,300 allows us to conduct a one-week training in southeastern Myanmar for 40 community health workers and medics. Local health workers provide emergency response for 90,000 villagers in Karen State, a conflict zone with one of the highest rates of landmine injuries in the world.